RPTS Aggie REPS Application

RPTS Aggie Reps Application

RPTS Aggie Reps is a leadership organization which strives to serve our department, the students, and the faculty in order to gain knowledge and experience in our field. Each year the Reps design and lead programs such as career fairs, dinners with faculty, recruiting events, tailgates and speaker series. If you meet the qualifications below and you plan to graduate in May 2020 or later, we welcome your application!
    The RPTS Aggie Reps serve as the public relations face for the department, with goals of increasing awareness of RPTS across campus and beyond, and also building the professional image of the department. The Reps plan and implement career fairs and other events; facilitate RPTS merchandise sales to increase visibility; host hospitality tables to support student morale; and create new projects and events as needed. There are normally about a dozen members in the Reps per year, and each holds one or more titles. There is flexibility to create or combine positions, but currently positions include: Treasurer, Merchandise Chair, Employer Relations Coordinator, President, VP, Marketing Coordinator, Website Guru, Event Logistics Chair, Communications Coordinator and Hospitality Coordinator.

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