Internship Form B: Description & Employer Contact (for RPTS majors only)

Complete this form immediately after accepting a position which you will use for your internship credits. The form is required before you can begin counting hours toward the required 400 hours for RPTS 484. Supervisor name and e-mail are used to request mid-term and final performance evaluations. If you have questions or need further information contact the RPTS Internship Coordinator, Mrs. Susan Scott, at sscott@ag.tamu.edu.
  • Name of company, agency or organization
  • Date Format: MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • Date Format: MM slash DD slash YYYY
    RPTS majors need 6 credits of RPTS 484 in their degree plan. Students may register for all 6 credits during the one semester or divide the credits into two semesters. It is permissible to register for zero credits of RPTS 484 for eCampus access if your internship extends into a semester in which you do not want/need to pay for credits. All RPTS majors must register, pay for, and pass 6 credits of RPTS 484 to complete their degrees.
  • What is the month and year in which you plan to graduate?
  • Prefix = Mr., Ms., Dr., etc.; if you do not yet have supervisor information, e-mail it to Mrs. Scott ASAP.
  • Type a list or brief overview of the position's main duties based on the information you have received thus far.
  • Parent/Spouse/Significant Other

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